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Product Recommendations

Hypnosis Downloads Superstore!

Hypnosis Downloads Superstore! NEW!

Discover the power of hypnosis with almost 300 MP3 hypnosis downloads. Amazing site, highly recommended – A++++++
FREE mini-course
Secret Subliminal Power Software

Reprogram Your Mind with Subliminals!

Reprogram your mind while you use your PC! Used by thousands of world-leaders, including the star of The Secret, Dr Joe Vitale!
The Ultimate Lucid Dreaming Kit

The Ultimate Lucid Dreaming Kit

Turn your eight hours of nightly sleep into a real adventure. My latest book explains all. Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.
FREE mini-course
Develop your Psychic Kit

Develop Your Psychic PowersNEW!

Tap into your hidden talents and gain an instant advantage over everyone else. Highly recommended, highly factual course. A++++
FREE mini-course

The Cheat’s Guide to Instant Genius!

Use these secret “Brain Hacks” to instantly uncover your genius! Awesome guide to developing the Einstein inside everyone.
World’s Most Powerful Brainwave CDs

World’s Most Powerful Brainwave CDs

Instantly change your mood with these powerful binaural beat CDs.
Simply slip on your headphones and feel your state change. Wow!
Do You Know The Absolute Secret?

Do You Know The Absolute Secret?

Eight books, stored in a dusty Scottish attic for over 100 years.
Discover the secret they hold — and how it can affect you!
Sleep Programming

Program Your Mind While You Sleep! NEW!

Can you imagine if changing your life was as easy as falling asleep? Well, now it is! Gain confidence, lose weight, feel happier & more!
The Quantum Cookbook

Here’s What “The Secret” Didn’t Tell You!

Have you tried manifesting – without success? Discover the real manifestation secrets you won’t find anywhere else. Recommended!
FREE mini-course
Advanced Cosmic Ordering

Cosmic Ordering Secrets from the Experts! NEW!

Discover how to place a “cosmic order” with the universe – and have it appear in your life within days! New course from three leading experts!
The NLP Secret

Change Anything in Your Life – in 10 Minutes! NEW!

Discover the long-lost “NLP Secret” used by Tony Robbins and Richard Bandler – for changing ANYTHING in your life, in just ten short minutes!
Create your own Subliminal CDs!

Create Your Own Subliminal CDs!

Want to create your own subliminal messaging CDs? Grab this kit!
Absolutely exclusive — no other book unveils this. A+++++++++
Subliminal Messaging CDs

Subliminal CDs – The Web’s Largest Store

Change your thoughts from the inside, with these hand-made subliminal CDs. Fantastic selection from a great site. A+++
The Five Rituals

Look & Feel 30 Years Younger in 10 Minutes a Day!

Discover the five secret rituals from a hidden Himalayan monastery that make you look 30 years younger – in just 10 minutes a day!

Meditate Deeper Than a Zen Monk – Instantly! NEW!

Discover how you can tap into the many powerful benefits of meditation – without years of training. These brainwave CDs meditation FOR you!

Manifest Awesomeness – with Self-Suggestion!

Use powerful “affirmation sessions” to change your mental attitude – and manifest precisely what you want from the world around you.
The Ten Minute Cure

Cure Absolutely ANY Phobia – In Just 10 MINUTES!

Discover the little-known NLP trick for erasing ALL fears and phobias, in just ten quick minutes – using the powerful “Rewind Technique” CD.

Change Your Self-Talk, Change Your Life! NEW!

Learn how you can change your inner-talk – and reprogram your brain for greater happiness, confidence, success, wealth and health!
Relaxation CDs & More!

Relaxation CDs & More!

Relax to the sounds of nature, brainwave CDs & much more.
Amazing quality, very well produced, FREE international shipping.

Discover the Secrets of REAL Hypnosis! NEW!

Find out how you can influence ANYONE, hypnotize your friends, and cure all of your personal problems — with Michael Masterman!
FREE mini-course
The Speed Reading Secret

Triple Your Reading Speed – in One Hour!

Discover how you can blast through entire books during lunch – when you discover The Speed Reading Secret, from Michael Masterman.
Dream Meanings Kit

What Do Your Dreams REALLY Mean?

Have you ever dreamt of flying? Or being attacked? Discover what your dreams REALLY mean, with this special kit from Jenny Lansbury.
The Hypnosis Vault

Change Your Life with the Hypnotist to the Stars!

Let world-famous hypnotist Randy Charac change your world, using hypnosis. Plus, buy one session today – and get seventeen others free!
Break Habits

Break Absolutely ANY Habit – NOW!

Let world-famous mind coach Lee Milteer show you how to break absolutely ANY habit, in just 28 days or less. Amazing new system!
Life Coaching Secrets

Become a Life Coach – Help Yourself & Others!NEW!

Discover how you can become a leading life coach – and help yourself and others. Earn up to $300k a year – having fun, working from home!
Lucid Dreaming Adventures

Enjoy Lucid Dreaming Adventures – On-Demand!

What would you like to dream tonight? Brainstorm with Einstein… Travel back in time… Fly around New York City? Just use these CDs!
Manipulative Psychology

Uncover the Tricks of Manipulative Psychology

Discover the little-known secrets of manipulative psychology – and start getting EXACTLY what you want – with advice from the respected Mr X.
Health Secrets

Discover Health Secrets Doctors WON’T Tell You!

Help stop cancer from starting. Reduce chances of a heart attack by 50%. Treat high blood pressure in 14 days. Read MORE on this site!
Download Hypnosis Scripts

Download Hypnosis ScriptsNEW!

Access over 250 downloadable hypnosis scripts, with commercial licensing available. Highly recommended, have used myself, A+++
How to Be Funny

Learn How to Be Funny, with Max Matterson!

Develop your humor and become quick witted, with this awesome new course from hit comedian Max Matterson. Full risk-free guarantee!
FREE mini-course
Stop OCD

Stop Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – Today!NEW!

Over 3% of the population suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Learn how to stop obsessive thoughts and rituals INSTANTLY – online!
FREE - $4,570 in Self-Help Goodies!

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FREE - Motivational Software

FREE – Motivation Software!NEW!

Want to change your life-long bad habits, in just two weeks or less? Then discover the Motivator software, absolutely FREE of charge!